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Pick Pack Logistics is the solution for your companys warehousing and order fulfillment needs. By outsourcing your product storage and product shipping, you will be free to concentrate on what is really important for your business: marketing your merchandise and increasing your sales. (Click here to read an Ecommerce Journal article on outsourcing your fulfillment)

Warehousing- We receive your inventory and store it in our warehouse. Its simple. Have your products shipped to us at Your Company Name. 7801 Alabama Ave., Unit 19. Canoga Park, California 91304. We handle everything from there. In the warehouse, your product sits safely awaiting an order. In addition to receiving and storing, we also offer all types of assembly or processing that your products might need. Tell us what you want. Well make it happen.

Order Fulfillment- When you receive an order, just send the information to us and we will retrieve the item or items from their location, package them securely, and get them ready for shipment. A packing slip and shipping labels are printed and the order is shipped to your customer. An email notification with tracking information is sent to you so you can monitor the shipment. Do you have any special packaging needs? Let us know, we can help.

Shipping- We utilize all major carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx. The shipping labels are bar-coded, so your product will reach the correct location. Once shipped, email shipping confirmation can be sent to both you and your customer, making tracking of the order easy. Do you have any special shipping needs? Again we are here to help.

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